Monday, 22 August 2016

22 Day Push-up Challenge - Day 1

An average of 22 veterans commit suicide daily in the United States due to PTSD, and more Canadian military veterans have been lost due to suicide since 2004 than died in Afghanistan. PTSD is, of course, not unique to the military. It also affects firefighters, paramedics, police officers, and many others.

In recent weeks my facebook feed has filled with more and more people taking part in the 22 day push-up challenge to raise PTSD awareness. I had a feeling I would get tagged eventually, and sure enough I’ve been nominated by my friend Maryse to take part.

The challenge is to record yourself doing 22 push-ups every day for 22 days, and to nominate someone new to participate each day. As about 80% of the people on my facebook seem to be already involved in this challenge, I’ve decided the best way I can accomplish the raising-awareness aspect is to share my participation here instead.

It should be interesting. I think my fitness level hit an all-time low right after my son was born. There are many super ladies out there who manage to keep active and fit before, during, and after pregnancy. For various reasons, I was not one of those. My first trip back to the gym when the munchkin was about three months old included a five minute run on the treadmill (that almost made me puke) and then I might have squeezed out about 5 push-ups before collapsing into a heap on the mat.

But another nine months have passed since then, and though I haven’t specifically been working on push-ups, I’d like to think my strength has improved. Carrying a 20+ pound kiddo around all day must do something, right?

Time to find out in my first-ever youtube upload:

Push-up Challenge Day 1

Thanks to the cat for assessing my performance.

If you’re interested giving the challenge a try, go for it. Blog it, facebook it, tweet it, whatever. Tell me about it, or don’t. Share this post, or don’t. If push-ups are really not your thing (and even if they are) you could give a donation to the Chimo Helpline in New Brunswick, or a crisis helpline in your area.

Let’s see if I can keep it up for 22 days. To be continued…

Note: If you want to see my progress, click the 22 Day Push-up Challenge category on the side bar.

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  1. pwleger@gmail.com23 August 2016 at 02:50

    Wow ... Good for you.

    From Wendy's phone. 🤓